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      I am restoring my Sunbeam Alpine Series IV and may need to replace the doors which are the rounded corner ones. I think Series I, II and III have squared comers but Series V have rounded ones. Does anyone know if Series V doors would fit a Series IV and would the internal mechanisms be the same?

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      The S5 Alpines had square corner doors. You would have to round off the corners to use them on your S4 but I have seen it done before. The rest of the door and parts are the same except early S4’s used a different type of window regulator than the S5 but it worked the same. Have fun! Eric

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      Thank you for the feedback. In the TE/AE Field Guide To Sunbeam
      Alpines it says that Series IV bodies were used to make Tiger Mark 1 cars. If this is so then I imagine that doors off a Tiger Mark 1 would work as well as Series IV. They also say that Series V bodies were used for Tiger Mark 1a and Mark 2 cars, so those would have the square corners. I am also assuming that door from Series I, II and III Alpines would not fit.

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      Dan Richardson

        You can either get Early series IV that had round door corners or obtain later series IV and SV and have the square corners modified to round.

        I have an early Series IV with round doors and trunk/boot lid. The trunk lid was a bit more rusty than I wanted to fool with so I took a square corner lid and worked the corners to fit. Looks nice too:) Even if I say so….

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        Thanks for the feedback. I have learnt from Ron Stein (TE/AE Lake Ontario rep) that B94103022 (early March 1965) was the introduction of the square doors and hoods. The last Series IVa was B94104470, so only 1448 were produced with square doors and hoods.

        From Victoria British:
        Series 4 1592 cc Jan 1964 – Sep 1964 B9400001 up to B9407936 Total made 7,936
        Series 4a 1592 cc Sep 1964 – Sep 1965 B94100001 up to B94104470 Total made 4,470

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