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      has anyone used the door skins from British Victoria, I bought a set of full skins and I have to say i was NOT impressed at all, Fit wasn’t even close we put more time into re working the new skins than I would have just fixing my doors, I had pin holes at the bottom and some damage from a previous life as a racer, but not bad at all. Are all their parts this way ?

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      Jeff Nichols

        Read TIm Studdart’s comments on Vic Brit: … updates/2/. He used patch panels and had no complaints.

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        you alway have to remember that everything they sell will fall into one of three categories. It’s right, it’s wrong but can be made to work and it’s just wrong. The trick is learning what you can trust and what you can’t.

        As for panels, I suspect the more complex, or subtle, the shape as well as the size the more work will go into making it fit correctly. Door skins I agree were a lot of work to use and you’d really have to think about it before doing them. On the other hand I used a trunk floor from them several years ago that was pretty good and didn’t require lots of work to fit. Their panels, last time I got any, were from one of the British vendors, although I don’t recall which one offhand.

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        I had to extend the front upper portion 1/2" and the lower lip had to be re worked a little. In the end the fit was good but I have used lots of other skins from different suppliers and not this much massaging/ Your right it depends on who is stamping the panels.

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