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      im looking for a replacement door for my MK1 tiger project. i found a couple early 61 or 62 doors that look the same but im seeing a couple things that look different. any experts out there that can tell me what yr. cars will interchange. mine has the round corners.


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      Bob and Jean Webb

        the early alpine doors have no provision for the wing windows, have a larger window, different window regulators which means different positions for the window cranks, different window channels etc. they won’t work on a tiger.

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        thanks thats what i was afraid of.

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        Hi Mike
        Where are you located? I have a few nice doors here in South Carolina but shipping would be expensive I am sure. I also have other sheetmetal and a few parts cars. Eric

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        im in Pensacola, fl. yea shipping will be a little but it shouldnt break the bank. let me know condition and price. you can email me direct at thanks Mike

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