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      Somebody has to have somebody to get your door and trunk locks keyed the same or even just keyed. It’s just about ready to be painted and I’m trying to tie up some loose ends on croming pieces and keyed locks. Then we are going to get into gaskets. I’ve noticed that Classic Sunbeam seems to have a better selection but Sunbeam specialties has sets for all the window door trim. Any suggestions on anything. Mad John

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      Remove the cylinders from the locks you want to be keyed the same.

      Select a key and insert it into one cylinder. File off the tabs that stick up. The key should turn freely within the cylinder.

      Using the same key repeat for all the cylinders; check to make sure they work out of the housings and re-install them.

      Fred Baum

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      Thanks for the info Fred and welcome back! All went well I hope? Eric

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      You can always swap the tumblers around to get a best fit before filing them down to fit your key. If you need additional tumbler material, you can always go to a place like McMaster-Carr or Specialty Metals to get some miniature brass rod stock.

      There’s nothing worse than having two keys for one car.

      (BTW… great to see Fred back in action)

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