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      I signed up for the "6-mile" MS Walk here in southern NJ on Sunday 5/5/13.
      Why? Many of you know that [after years of various and mysterious symptoms] my wife Nancy was diagnosed with MS back in the mid-90s. At first there were only minor troubles, but since 2006 she has been in a wheelchair and basically has lost more function steadily since.
      For anyone that doesn’t know, MS is a nasty disease that is mostly found in women ages about 25 to 50. There is no current "prevention" or "cure".
      There is plenty of more info on the National MS Society website, if you are interested.
      We attended to the Delaware Valley Chapter MS Society "Convention" a few years back… the thing that struck me the most was the need for research $$. There is great need for funds for research as well as other programs.
      So – I fundraise by doing this Walk to try to do my little part. To make a donation – Simply click on the link at the bottom of this message, or mail a check (send a P.M.).

      Click here to visit my personal page: … r_id=20814

      Any donation amount is welcome and appreciated.

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      I completed the entire prescribed 3-lap Walk ("6 miles") yesterday around Washington Lake Park for the 2013 Walk MS event without a hitch.
      The weather looked "iffy" early, but the sun came out just as the official walking started at about 10 AM. See the attached photo for a partial look at the crowd.
      Thanks to all contributors! 🙂 – we have helped the National MS Society to be able to continue their goals of supporting MS patients and funding important research.

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      I could sure use a smilie with a big TE/AE Rocks! sign… but this will have to do.

      Thanks again!!!

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