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      On youtube there is a clip of a silver 67 Tiger at National Trail Raceway in Columbus Oh. Anyone know whose car this is and what times he runs?

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      Hi Hugh,

      That car if it is the one that I am thinking of, is actually an Alpine. It was up for sale on Ebay a few years ago now and I remember it by its very distinctive paint job. I don’t remember what the engine capacity was (stroked something), but it had a two stage nitrous kit on it. By memory it did a low 10 second without nitrous and mid 9 second with the nitrous.

      Is this the link?

      Regards, Robin.

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      That car was built here in Albq. to beat my car which it has, best time for that car was 9:47 and my best so far is 9:77.
      That car is a Alpine and at that time it had a big CI motor with two big shots of NOS and was about 400lbs lighter than mine and was not much for driving it on the street.
      He sold that car to a guy named Matt and now has a 347 and runs in the 10’s on motor.
      Also the car almost broke the guy and he still cusses the car when I talk to him and says how in the hell can you keep working on those cars ๐Ÿ˜†
      Hoping to get my new pistons and get the big motor back in the car by the end of Jan. with the turbo set up.
      So far with the stock motor and turbo setup car went 11:30 @ 125 on 8lbs of boost. Looking to go low 9’s with new setup 8)

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