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      Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I haven’t found it… There seems to be a lot of play in the center post of the distributor on my Series V. I opened it up and found that the springs on the mechanical advance weights were loose… they have a small gap before the two posts are held with spring tension. They don’t appear to have been stretched or damaged. Should there be any play in the weights before the springs engage? It seems that they should be holding the weights when the distributor is at rest to avoid erratic timing at speed. I can’t tell if the springs may have relaxed over the 40+ years they’ve been in there. A looked at a couple of other Lucas distributors (25D’s but different despatch numbers) that didn’t have any play in the springs. If this is a problem, does anyone know where I can find replacement springs or am I looking for a rebuilt distributor?

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      Contact located in Minnesota. They can rebuild and recurve your distributor.


      Gary Tosel

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