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      Hi all. I was wondering if anyone might know the distributor (part number) that was originally used on the MkII 289 Tiger. Also interested in knowing the correct part number for the Mk1A. Finally, does anyone know the part number of the dual point LAT distributor?


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      MK IA distributor ID – Z5TF-12127-C – # located on the distributor near FoMoCo logo

      MK II distributor ID – C5AF-12127-M

      These are both later style distributors; the body of the distributor has a casting # of C5OF-12131-A.
      This is the distributor listed in most Ford car parts catalogs.

      The early style distributors have an oil port: ID – C4OF-12127-A, casting # B9AF-12131-B

      Ron Fraser

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        My car has one out of a 63 Fairlane a Dual point model I added a Pertronix module to it. The dual points are centrifugal advance only that I have seen anyway. There is a long winded hi po thread concerning vaccum vs cent. advance on the CAT site.

        All I can say is thank goodness for period correct class mods.

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