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      Gene Sokolowski

        Can someone please send a picture of the correct oil dipstick tube and dipstick for the MK1? Any available out there?

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        Did you see Ron’s article in the Dec RR? .. same subject, not sure if it has the details that you want?

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        Gene Sokolowski


          Thanks for the heads up. I had not read the December issue yet.
          I looked up Ron’s info in my 60-64 Ford Parts and Accessories books.
          C2OZ-6754-A – tube oil level indicator – without 40 or 60 Amp Alternator, includes bracket – approx. 15.83" developed length. It was used on the 221, 260, 289 and 289 Special in the Ford, Fairlane and Falcon.
          The C3OZ-6750-B (is the dipstick used with the tube above) 22.48" shield to full, 23.32" shield to add, and 24.44" shield to end.

          Thanks again,

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          Hopefully Ron will see that at least one guy got immediate benefit from his work.
          Glad that I could steer you to something useful.


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          not sure if it has the details that you want?

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          You can buy one from Jegs or Summit they work just fine.

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          Do you know the correct part number for the oil dipstick? Tried searching on jegs but can’t find it.

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          Your not looking very hard Jegs has 39 items in their on line catalog,

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