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      Were all the early tiger dashes finished with the burl veneer?

      When i purchased my car some 15 odd years ago it had an aftermarket Speedo and Tach in it
      and I never really thought about the dash…Ive just always assumed it was not original.
      It has a veneer, but it looks like a typical oak-ish type grain…not burled walnut.

      Now I have it out and am considering redoing it- I figure if its not original I may just pitch it
      and get a replacement as it is in pretty rough shape.

      The odd thing is that there’s a stencil on the back of the dash wood that says Batch No. 43
      that is right along the bottom edge.

      Any thoughts?

      Thanks- Chris

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      All Tigers-except the very early ones which had the black vinyl covered Alpine dashboard-had burled walnut dashes. Can you post a photo of your dash? Perhaps a previous owner refinished yours at some point? Eric

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      Maybe it was re-veneered at some point in the past. The wood was definitely machined- all the cut-outs
      are clean and uniform.

      The 2nd pic is of the back of the dash showing the Batch No. 43 stencil.



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      Someone must have refinished that one-never saw the turn signal light/high beam lights turned sideways either! Also the high beam light and generator lights need to be switched with each other to put in the correct spots. Thanks for posting photos. Eric

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      So you are thinking that the wood portion is original and the previous owner took some liberties when he redid it?

      If I’m going to redo this one I would like to get it back to original layout- do you know of any resource that I can
      use as a guide?

      I have seen alot of dash pictures but not quite sure how to know what is correct.

      Thanks for your help!

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      It appears to be an original dash but has been re-veneered.
      I am not sure what you mean by original layout-do you mean having the original gauges installed?

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      If you are looking for the original placement of stuff on the dash and you have a shop manual, go to section N page 31. If you don’t have the shop manual, try this link.

      Good luck,


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      Well I found the burled walnut….I guess it is original after all.

      thanks for the feedback Tom, but I have seen that diagram and the two areas that I was questioning are unmarked there too.

      specifically the hole between the clock and the fuel gauge and the hole to the upper left of the tach.

      any thoughts?


      sorry about the weird video thing–was supposed to be a pic– not sure why its posting as a video

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      I am not sure on those two holes either. Here’s what I think. The hole between the clock and fuel gauge on my car is labeled choke. I always assumed the Alpines could have had a manual choke and the hole was left empty on Tigers. The hole near the tach has a metal plug in my car and in most I have seen. Not sure why it’s there.

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      i have found out that the lower hole is indeed for the choke

      the upper hole near the tach is for an overdrive warning light for alpines w/ od

      alpines w/o od or tigers would have a metal plug

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      quote chrisd:

      Maybe it was re-veneered at some point in the past. The wood was definitely machined- all the cut-outs
      are clean and uniform.

      The 2nd pic is of the back of the dash showing the Batch No. 43 stencil.



      The dash may be walnut that you have but definitley not a burl walnut according to the grain in the picture you have posted

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      It was originally burl veneer- when i disassembled I found the remnants under the leather wrapped area at the bottom of
      the cubby cut-out….actually looked really good too.

      Unfortunately the condition of the wood is pretty bad and is separating all over, back and front. I am not sure if its salvageable at this point.

      Will most likely just start from scratch.

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      My original dash had delaminated badly too, plus having a few extra holes that pervious owners added. You can make a new base to reveneer easily enough. Use marine grade plywood, finished on at least one side for a smooth surface. Use the original for a guide to routing it out, both the holes and the indentations on the back, I used a Dremel tool to do the routing, got a handle setup to allow its use as a router. Then veneer when that’s done and cut it away from the gauge/switch/etc holes.

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      When you start to finish be it varnish or a clear coat be sure to seal all edges with at least 2 coats.This is to prevent moisture getting in.Moisture will allow deteriation of contact cement unless it is one for marine purposes and not a general usage,Do not use a spray on contact cement

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      Thanks for the feedback guys- much appreciated!

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      I might be wrong, but it appears to me that your Speedo and Tach are SW (Stewart Warner) which were a LAT option. Many years ago I sold a set, at the time not knowing what they were. Robert

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      Yes they are Stewart Warner – but I was not aware that that was offered as a LAT option…tho I am not overly familiar with LAT options in general.

      I see that LAT 22 was/is a 7,000 Smiths rpm tach ?

      Maybe I shouldn’t throw them out just yet? 😛

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