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      Gene Sokolowski

        Has anyone installed a dana 44 detroit locker truetrac carrier in their rear end? I have a new one I picked up a few years ago thinking I might use it in the Tiger. I am mocking up the rear end at this point with ’95 Mustang Cobra rear disc brakes from Dale’s Restorations. I have new 30 spline axles. Also is anyone using either 3.07:1 or 3.31:I rear end ratio in their tiger? Any reason to use one of the other? Pros and cons?


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        We used the Trutrac diff in the first Tiger also the 3.07 gear was pretty pleased with the results I’d go with the 3.07 just my o2s we got our stuff from Reider in Detroit gave us a lot of tips on set up we also put Ford brg ends on the axle and had Moser make us a pair of axles elimated a lot of BS!

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        I’ve always thought that without changing out the transmission to gain an overdrive or something else to keep the rpms down, it seems like a 3.31 or other higher-ratio axle would make your "highway cruising" uncomfortable/loud. when I get around to the "posi" rear, I’ll be staying as close to 2.88 as I can (just my thoughts). A big factor would seem to be your intended use of the car.

        Good luck with whatever you decide.

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        Here some additional stuff to ponder as we said we used a 3.07 and it works well this seems to be the norm as the 2.88 is like hobby horse s–t hard to find
        however you can also run a 225/50 rear tire which will bring the RPMs down on the highway, were using a 3.73 gear in the Tiger we have now and with the 5 speed we see maybe 3k on the highway

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        Mark Rense

          I have two Tigers, one with the original close ratio Toploader and a very RPM-friendly 289. The rear end is a 3.31 and the car is immensely fun on track days (on Hoosier R6s) or in the twisty roads, but a bit busy on the freeway. The other one is my "highway" car, it has a 331 stroker that produces over 320 ft-lb of torque from 1900 to 4100 RPM so it has NO problem jumping the gaps in the Toploader converted to the wide ratio gear set. The rear end is DANA 44/Salisbury with a 2.72 gear ratio out of an early-’80’s Corvette and a DANA Trac-Loc posi. The two cars could not feel more different, almost a small block vs big block experience, both equally entertaining to drive but in different ways. So chose your type of entertainment style and pick your gear set accordingly.


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          Gene Sokolowski

            I have my rear end back from the gear shop. It is now set up with the Dana 44 Detroit Locker TruTrack carrier and new 3.07:1 gears.
            After trying to set up axle shaft bearing end play, I found out that I need to have the axles modified with buttons on the (internal ends) to make up the space that was taken up by a spacer in the original rear end. (It’s always fun (?) to customize. LOL)

            I have two original HEH-E top loader transmissions so I had one converted to a wide ratio gear setup. I will be running the wide-ratio transmission with the new 3.07 gear setup. The motor is an early 5 bolt block 289 stroked to 331 with AFR 185 aluminum heads and Edelbrock Performer II intake. The carburetor is a 725 cfm Holley (68 Shelby GT350). It should have plenty of power to roll the tires (205/55R/15s) with the new gear setup.

            I will be installing the ’95 Mustang Cobra rear disc brake set-up on the rear end (from Dale’s Restorations). (Installing Wilwood disc brakes on the front).

            I will post some pictures of the rear end setup when I get it all together.


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            Nice. sounds like a great set-up, I’ll bet that will be an absolute blast to drive.
            Please keep us posted.


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            Gene Sokolowski

              I have the axles back from the machinest. One and three eights inches total was added to the internal axle end in order to set the axle end float.

              QUESTION: In the Tiger manual, Section G, Rear Axle it calls for setting the correct end float of .006 to .008 in. I ASSUME this is .006 to .008 in. for each axle. Since my Detroit Locker TruTrack does not have a spacer in between the axles like the original carrier would I set the end play for .006 to .008 in. total since the axles float totally from one side to the other? Or… ?????

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              It still needs the same amount of total end play. When you push in on one axle, it is supposed to then push outward on the other axle so the load can be taken up by the bearing on the opposite side.

              With your longer axles, won’t the inner ends touch if one axle is pushed in? If not, what is stopping it?

              Edit: to clarify, that number is the total endplay. The spacer floats. It will measure the same on either side.

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              Gene Sokolowski

                Thanks Jeff.
                I didn’t know the spacer in the original carrier floated. So it makes sense the 0.006 to 0.008 in. is the total end play.
                Yes ,the elongated axles do touch inside the carrier.

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                Gene Sokolowski

                  I have added the link below for a few pictures of the rear end modifications if you have an interest in pursuing.

         … tory/story

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