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      Here’s the new crossmember for the Tiger (while were on the subject of crossmembers)


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      Jeff Nichols

        Is this the Hokanson x-member or the "look what I just invented" x-member copy sold by Dale?

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        This is mine neither Dales or Toyz Junkie! and by the way we already have one up and running on another car!

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        Does your design improve the Tiger’s turning radius vs stock?

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        Overall I would have to say yes, we’re using a four turn lock to lock rack,which makes the car easier to drive,you can turn the wheel with minium effort
        unlike the Tiger which is heavy,like sitting still, we are also using a different spindle than either Dale or Mike that also raise’s the front roll center, we are also not using a front anti roll bar, overall works for me! and by the way Eric thanks for the tips on attachments.

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        Looks good 8)

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        quote ImpBarn:

        Does your design improve the Tiger’s turning radius vs stock?


        First of all, very nice work. How much improvement in turning radius did you find? What rack did you use, if you don’t mind sharing?


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        We used a generic mustang rack, which we dissasembled, and machined the housing round to accept pilow blocks for mounting ,this allows rotating the rack to
        get the U joints in line to the column, we also used a ididit alloy steering column(30") on the V8 Alpine on the Tiger we again used an ididit column this time
        longer which elimates one of the u joints, the rack this time is a 3.5 T LTL which has a longer pinion length (Mustang racks with short pinions are 4 T LTL)
        overall everthing is better compared to stock steering effort, turn in etc etc etc!

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