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      I can’t quite make out if that’s a Maryland tag on the green car, but if it is is that Wally Swift’s license tag ?

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      And that is his car too!! Eric

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      Eric, Which one of those “old War Horses are you going to have ready for the show at Road Atlanta next year?? Would be cool to see one of them show the other cars what an Alpine can do!!


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      Eric, did you get Livzeys car? I wandered where it went to.

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      Sure did Tom! Lots of neat time warp features about this car. I want to get it going again and take it to the Hershey Hill Climb-where it once competed a long time ago….Do you have any period photos of it or remembrances?Eric

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      You know I do Eric cause you saw it hanging on my shop wall. Check your email attachment. Don’t know how to include photo in forum. Photo is not on a website, my computer is not a server and I don’t know diddly about BB or HTML code. Don’t want to learn either. I just want to live in the 50’s and 60’s.

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      Thanks TT and Jim E for posting this. Anyone else have any photos of number 55 or number 40?? Eric

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      That can’t be Wally’s Alpine. I think he would have never had a French national identity sign on it, plus the two exhaust pipes look suspiciously like a Tiger. His Maryland tag, which is still on his red Tiger in the possession of Helen and son, is WJS.
      Jim Anderson

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      Jim Anderson:

      I can testify to the plate, stickers and two pipes by personal observation, but refer you to the Dec97-Jan98 issue of British Car (pg 41) which has a clear rear shot of Wally and Alpine with same. Eric’s the lucky guy that owns Wally’s famous Alpine.

      Mike Veesart
      Anchorage AK

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      Yes he does! Eric

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