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      I have been reading tips on ways to make the cooling system more efficient. I will be driveing my Alpine in sunny Phoenix, and it is also extremely hot. I have already blocked off the horn holes, recored the radiator, and added an electric 9" Spal push fan. It has been suggested to create and air dam between the radiator and the cross member – this seems like a large area. Does anyone have experience with this?
      Thanks, Bernie

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      A good clean stock system works the best, you may try the larger core radiator that people are using for the V6 converstion. I have had my alpine for 40 + years and never had a heating problem. I also use a push fan in front of the rad. and I use a six blade fan from the older alpines, works great for me! Good luck! 8)

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      I am not so worried about an overheating problem while driving down the road, but it’s getting stuck in traffic when it’s 105 degrees out. I just want to have the car as prepared as possible by having a generous amount of air flowing over and cooling the radiator. Also I have had the radiator recored to a larger capacity.
      Thanks for your imput, Bernie

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      The electric fan works great in traffic on a hot day, you should not have any problem with that and a fatcore radiator! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      George, thanks for your help. Hopefully the cooling system is ready and I can move on to the brakes and get it rolling.

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