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      Question for the experts. I am installing a new canvas top on my 1966 Tiger MK1A. Do the strap(s) conecting the front peak rail and the middle & back rail go ABOVE or BELOW the rails. Thanks in advance for your information.

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        The straps go above the rails, you will see there are indents in the header rail on the top. Has your setup got 2 or 3 straps? the other thing is to use a good strap like a pirelli webbing that stretches a little to get the top on, this will hold the tension and keep the top from flapping

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          the strap rivets to the indentation in the front header rail. cover the rivets with something like a good duct tape to prevent them from wearing thru the top. my series 4 originally had a cloth tape to cover the area. the strap rivets to the bottom of the center bow using the metal piece formed to fit the bow and then wraps over the top of the rear bow and rivets to the bottom of the rail using another piece like the one on the center bow. if you rivet the straps on top of the two rear bows you run the risk of the rivets and the metal retainer tearing the top material. series 4 and 5 cars only use one strap down the center.

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