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      What is needed and/or available to convert a 1592 to a spin on filter?

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      I believe you can get the later filter base and gasket from Rick at Sunbeam Specialties. It’s a direct bolt on replacement for the canister type.

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      You need a later screw-on filter base, oil pressure relief valve (OPRV), the oil filter, and a new gasket. I know Rick sells the gasket – part # FG5. His catalog does not list the filter base or OPRV. I never found a parts seller offering the OPRV for sale. The filter base and OPRV come for sale on EBay periodically.

      There were at least two screw-on filter bases with corresponding OPRVs. There was the original OPRV used pre-series V and it was re-introduced during the series V run. It has a steel tube and screw threads at the opposite end of the hex head.

      The OPRV introduced at the start of the series V has a brass tube, a smaller diameter tube, and the threads just inside the hex head. It tends to stick open, which happened to my series V. Folks think this OPRV was abandoned during the series V run due to the sticking issue.

      I don’t know if the canister filter base has an OPRV that will transfer directly to the screw-on filter base.

      Here are the screw-on filter blocks, with the redesigned series V OPRV on the left.

      Here’s an earlier & later style OPRV that you will want to use:

      Here’s a redesigned series V OPRV you want to avoid. Ignore the extra bolt mounted in the head. I ruined the one in the picture trying to modify it to have adjustable spring tension.

      Here’s the list of oil filters I have in my notes:
      Purolator – L10017 (has anti-drainback valve)
      Purolator – L14670 (classic) – the Purolator site says use this filter for Alpine
      Purolator – PL14670 (PureOne) – the Purolator site says use this filter for Alpine
      Fram – PH16 (it has anti-drainback valve, but people online complain the anti-drain valve is not good)
      Motorcraft – FL300
      K&N HP-2004
      Wix 51307


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      I notice the passage way castings are not the same between the 1592 block and the later screw on base. How did you accommodate the differences? Surely not just with a gasket?

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      The 1592 had the spin on bolted directly to the filter mount flat on the block. The later 1725 had a block to divert to the oil cooler and back to the filter in between the two. That accounts for the difference in the passageways. But each piece was connected to the others with just a gasket in between.

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