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      Carol Calcagno

        Ok folks i need some direction. 66 alpine 1725 series 5. Had one cd150 carb on it for yrs. Cast iron head w Hillman engine. Is it a massive undertaking to convert to a weber? Can it b done easily. Guess I’m confused as the manifold on it is for a single carb. What must b done to get rid of the Stromberg 150 CD single carb? Any ideas or is there another carb conv kit I should check into it scrap this whole idea…not tearing engine down tell can etc. Please assist if u can. Email Thanks for your asdistance.

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        I can’t say that I’ve done it, but certainly a new manifold will be required.

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        If you can find a S4 solex intake it will bolt on and you can use the two BBrl Weber carb in its place this combination works very well.

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        Bob and Jean Webb

          If it’s a cast iron head the two barrel intake can’t be used due to the intake and exhaust valves on # 2 and #3 are reversed from the way the aluminum head is designed. Number 1 & 4 are the same as an aluminum head. The cam is also set up for this reversal. Your only option is to find an aluminum head and the matching cam.

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          I forgot that little bit of info yea what he said!

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          I have a 32/36 Webber on my 1725. On another car back in the 80s I had some dual side draft Webber’s . The dual side draft conversion was a pain. As for the Holley Webber 2 barrel I’ve had that on 2 Alpine’s and it’s always worked well. The SUs and strombergs and dual Webber’s look great but I think for ease it is the Holley/Webber. Holley does have a 2 barrel sniper fuel injection that I would like to try. With the dual Webber’s you have to reconfigure the fender brace and manual brakes are a must

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          I do have an extra aluminum head but no cam

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