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      Dan Richardson

        – 2.8 V6 FORD (Cologne) Engine swap into your Sunbeam Alpine by DanR as of October 1, 2018

        1. Headers, w/Ball& Socket Straight back (Highly Recommended) similar to the Tiger System: with 1 ½ inch tubes into a 2 ½ Collector and 3/8” thick Header Flange. Metric Header bolts M10 1.5 25 mm 12 pt head 12.9 hardness will be included: $ 705.00
        NOTE: Headers (slip type joint)without the Ball & Socket $ 600.00

        2. Engine Mount Brackets with two (2) each Biscuits Anchor 2424 $150

        3. A transmission mount bracket for the 2.8 V6 conversion is available for either the 4 speed manual or auto BW35 Alpines utilizing (converting to) either late model Mustang T5’s or Automatic transmissions such as the A4LD or C3/C4 $150.00

        4. Cross link (runs behind the engine) for the steering, one piece formed (not welded) with tie rod ends $180.00
        OR an option to utilize your original cross link and my Designed bolts and spacers to raise the linkage similar to the "one piece formed link referenced above w/tie rod ends $60.00
        Recommend you replace your current bushings with new ones with a cost of approx $28.00 from SS or CS.

        5. Modified Thermostat w/ heater option $ 65.00
        Note: Comes with the three metric bolts needed.

        6. Ofy 4 bbl Water Neck modified to turn toward top left Radiator Connection as recommended: $ 85.00

        7. Alternator bracket w/ adjustment arm $125.00

        8. Clutch Slave Cylinder Bracket. Reduced from $75.00 to $65.00

        9. Fuel pump blocking plate: $ 5.00

        10. Rod, Gas Pedal Upper: $ 8.00

        I recommend you purchase all of the above items for your conversion. If you buy the recommended components I will throw in items 9. Fuel pump block plate and 10. Rod, Gas Pedal Upper, Free. All of the items listed are available individually or grouped. Plus shipping!

        You may need a Pilot Shaft Adaptor for the Flywheel and T5 Transmission, depends on the type, diameter and length of the input shaft $ 70.00.

        For those of you wanting a bit something special for your Alpine I would suggest an air conditioner system. Initially when doing the restoration on my ’67 SV with the 1725 engine I installed an A/C unit that also has heat and defrost. When I later converted my Commodore Blue ’67 SV to the 2.8 V6 I kept all of the under/in Dash components but designed a new mounting bracket to fit the V6 engine ( $150.00). PIC’s are available for the asking. It works nicely. That, and my Electric Power Steering (EPS) system that makes for a nice driving pleasure is also available. Ask for pricing due to various options.

        Contact information: Dan Richardson
        123 Richardson Drive
        Greenwood, South Carolina 29649
        Cell: 864-554-0814 (Please if no answer leave a msg)
        SAOCA Handle: DanR

        P.S. I also have available Brake/Clutch Master cylinder spacers made of steel $12.00.

        Unfortunately I have not been successful in getting a reduction in the cost of my Straightback headers that are similar to the Tigers. The Fabricator notified me of a 10% increase in production cost effective October 1, 2018, already figured in my price list.

        All items are powder coated at no additional cost to the buyer. The headers have an optional coating at buyers choice.

        Pictures are in the SAOCA site PHOTO GALLERY Under Parts, Drawings and Technical for your viewing pleasure….and in DARKSIDE Gallery for the V6 conversion components. Additional information and PIC’s are available upon request at:


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