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      Dan Richardson

        I have tried to get the best prices available for my designed components for converting an Alpine utilizing the FORD (Cologne) 2.8 V6. The steering link that runs behind the engine and serves as a replacement for the stock cross link cost me almost the exact same as what I sell them for. Lately the tie rod ends have cost me about $70. The one piece rod "formed in a press" and both ends threaded for the tie rod ends is upward to $70. A bit of an investment to have 10 units made caused me to look closely at an option that will serve the Conversion Process well and reduce the overall cost for the buyer by near a hundred dollars.

        My new designed linkage consist of two Bolts with spacers to replace the two stock ones which raises the stock Cross Link up enough to clear the rear of the engine. I recommend you purchase new bushing from Classic Sunbeam or Sunbeam Specialties replacing your old ones, cost approximately $28.00 and my designed Bolts (pins) and spacers $40.00 will be almost $100. savings.

        Here”s a link I’m building hoping it will help:

        Thanks for looking,

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