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      Phil Ashmore

        Another control arm question. I’d like to replace the bushings in my control arms. The rest of front end parts have been done by a PO. Looked in my CAT notes, my shop Manuel, and on the tigers united board for an answer. Do I have to use a spring compressor or can I use a floor jack like I would on most cars to drop the lower arm and take out the spring? Shop Manuel says not to do it, but in some postings on the united site someone talks about it and they used a jack if I read it right. Anyone done this? Any tips?….thanks…..cheers…..Phil

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        I did it many years ago with a floor jack and do not recall anything exciting happening.

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        I’ve used a floor jack many times to undo the front end springs. You just need to use good judgment about what you are doing and no problems will occur. It’s harder to put them back on in this manner than to remove them, but it can be done.

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        I’ve always used a floor jack to remove springs. It can be dangerous if the jack slips off. Or should I say fly off. Make sure some part of the jack flange is “hooked” on an edge of the control arm around the shock anchoring area. Allow for the jack to move roll away in the proper direction, not tip over, as the arm swings down. The spring will push the control arm down much farther than you’d expect. You should remove the shock if you do not want to risk damage to it.

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        I for one don’t like the using a floor jack method.In reality you I would remove the shock and use a GOOD spring compressor.Key word is GOOD and not some cheapy thing.This allows one to work with confidence knowing it is safe.There was a horror story up here about what could happen.Fortunatly the person only got bruised but was sore for a couple of weeks.
        8) Did I mention how sunny it is?

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