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        Trying to do an original Tiger looking for info
        on under carrige pictures and colors. For example
        does under coating go on entire underneath or just wheel wells?
        How about front cross member, upper and lower control arms?
        Are they supposed to be flat,semi or gloss black? What about the rear end?
        Does anyone have pictures of an original Tiger that the judges use as a

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        I can’t offer the "correct" answer but will share what I did during the restoration of my Tiger. I painted the undercarriage in satin black using an enamel paint with a rust inhibitor.

        Opinions vary about under-coating but I was swayed by the logic of not using it. For me, I don’t plan on driving the Tiger during winter months or in conditions where it will stay muddy or dirty for very long. Therefore, a good coat of paint on the bottom should last long enough. If rust does begin to form, it will at least be evident on eye-inspection, whereas, the undercoating can potentially hide it for some time.

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