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      Roger Sternfeld

        My current indoor garage space is no longer available. I found a new 1 car garage space, but unfortunately it has no heat. What is recommended to place over the concrete floor? Plywood, heavy plastic, rigid insulation, sandwich concoction??? Will putting a wool blanket(s) over the hood area do anything? Thanks.

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        I was surprised to see how much moisture comes out of the concrete floor in my garage. It did a number on my steering wheel and even some tools. I ended up putting a dehumidifier out there and it worked wonders, even during winter months. If it gets down to 45 in your storage area , many dehumidifiers stop working. You can tape a plastic sheet to floor as a test. If there’s much moisture coming out, you will see it under the plastic in a few days. Floor paint can help too if that’s an option. I think moisture is more damaging over time than the cold temps alone.

        I have no experience with these, just passing along as another thought. … torage_Bag

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        My pole building (which now houses all 4 cars) is unheated, with a concrete floor. It gets pretty cold here in the Philly area – especially this year 🙁 thus a dehumidifier is not really an option.
        I use those "blue tarps" for a vapor barrier, also try to put something (cardboard or old conveyor belting) under the plastic… hopefully to keep the moisture under the plastic. I have no "authority" on this… just trying to keep the moisture away as best I can. All cars are covered with breathable covers. I am definitely getting some light "surface rust" on exposed steel parts over time.

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