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      William LeGacy

        front end of my mk1a needs to be gauge(fast track) indicates about 1 degree negative camber vs 1/2 positive. 3/16 toe out,caster is correct.made a gauge per my shop manual,clearance between lower A frame and snubber pad is only 1" with car sitting static.(sb 2" with weight added)have a set of coil springs that were included with car that measure correct dia and way of checking spring load capacity.i guess my questions would be:is it common for these springs to go soft,is there any way to verify the spare springs are correct,are alpine springs dimensionally the same as tiger,should i get a new set made per the data in the shop manual.thanks in advance. Bill

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        If it was me I’d be looking for a pair of 450# front springs you’ll find the car will have better turn in, I also wouldn’t be running pos. camber maybe something like 1/2deg neg. per wheel!

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