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      Hi everyone. I recently purchased a Series V Alpine. The clutch pedal sits much lower than the brake pedal, and the clutch only just disengages with the pedal right to the floor. I have checked for leaks, and proper mounting of slave cylinder, and pin location in the clutch pedal. All seems normal.

      I have consulted the manual and it seems that there are two different length clutch master cylinder pushrods; a shorter one (about 115 mm?) on earlier series cars, and a longer one (about 135 mm?) on later cars with adjustable pedals. My car has at some stage in it’s history had a new clutch master cylinder fitted. I’m wondering if it was fitted with the incorrect (ie; too short) pushrod.

      I have presented my dilemna to several Sunbeam parts suppliers and "experts". No-one had yet has come up with a satisfactory answer to my question re; the different length pushrods.

      Can anyone here shed some light on this issue??? If I am right in thinking I have the wrong length pushrod does anyone have a longer one they would like to sell me???



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