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      Rick McCurdy

        Hello all,
        I am about to replace the clutch in my Mk2 Tiger and would like to get input on what king of clutch to get to replace the cheap "rebuilt JC Whitney clutch" that I could afford in 1992…
        My engine is basically stock(balanced/blueprinted), but I am also thinking about replacing the cam to bring the torque curve to a lower rpm (stock rear gears- open, 2:88 ratio). Current cam is a later firing order 302 cam that is good for cruising and passing cars on the highway. (Sorry, don’t know which one! I lost the build sheet-DANG!) Stock 4bbl Ford manifold, Carter AFB Carb. Stock heads with headers and 2" exhaust.
        Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.
        Rick McCurdy

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        I run a mid 60s 289 Mustang clutch in mine. Similar engine specs, hipo solid lifter cam, LAT2 intake and holley 4 bbl about the only differences. I have no complaints with it, grabs well and no excessive pedal pressure with the stock master/slave.

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