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      I currently have my dash out for restoration. I have taken this opportunity to clean up all of my gauges, etc. For some reason the face of the clock has faded to the point of being barely legible (other gauge faces are fine). My clock also doesn’t work – but I’m more interested in the aesthetics at the moment.
      Does anybody know what other vehicles might have used the same Smiths clock, or better yet found a modern replacement?
      Thanks in advance!

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      I bought a spare on a while back which is identical except the controls are at the top, not the bottom. The seller said it was from a Rolls Royce! Believe it or not.

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        Here’s a link to a page that shows all the Alpine and Tiger clock variants.. There are many other part #’s that look similar… … clock.html

        I have a clock that is identical to the Tiger MKIA/II / SV part # CE.3131/01 ..but it has a part # ce 2194/17 … go figure..

        I also have a cte 3106/00 which is similar but the controls are on top and the bezel is beveled inward like an MGB gauge…does have red hands/upright 9&3 tho… I have no use for it and would sell it if you’re interested…

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        Thanks for the info guys. The saoca article (and the entire website) was very informative – of course my clock is marked as ce.3131/00 but has sideways 3 & 9’s! Makes you wonder if Rootes every managed to make 2 cars exactly the same!
        Assuming your clock works, I would be interested – does it look like I could exchange my bezel for the non-Sunbeam one?
        You can reach me at if you prefer.

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          I had a look at the bezel and unfortunately it won’t come off as easily as the 2″ gauges…there are no notches in the case..but I guess if you were careful you could pry the tabs back… I will put 12 volts to it today to make sure it still works and get back to you…

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