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      Anyone else read the article in this month’s Classic Motorsports magazine on the restoration of Doane Spencer’s "Hollywood Tiger".
      Nice bit of history and some good photos.

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      Just made it to page 116… there’s a photo of the BASH at Carlisle, with Tiger Tom’s car in the foreground. 😀

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      CLASSIC MOTORSPORTS is one nice magazine.The Publisher,Tim Suddard,is restoring a Tiger which will be covered in subsequent issues. The text and pictures of the Spencer Tiger in the November 2007 issue are just first rate. I subscribed to the magazine. frank mooney

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      Along with these articles are ones by Stu Brennan, page 119; a photo of Richard Fritz’s 1953 Alpine on page 123; and a reference to our club at the end of the Hollywood Tiger article, page 64.

      All members should have also received a free copy of Classic Motorsports, courtesy of Tim Suddard. By the way, Tim joined TE/AE a couple months ago.

      Fred Baum

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      Well a "hip hip hooraa" for our new member Tim then… I wondered what I did to deserve a free issue!?!?! Thanks Mr. Suddard !!!

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      Now Eric. I thought your father-in-law taught you that you should read your Rootes Review from cover to cover.

      Go to the September, 2007 issue and read the email on page 9.


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      Reading the fine print,so to speak,in the article we can peak online at classic and get a resoration preview. frank mooney

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      If you read down to the section titled 4/3/2007 you will find a reference to TE/AE along with our website. Hopefully this information gets into the final article.

      Fred Baum

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