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      Does anyone else subscribe to Classic Motorsports magazine? I got my January issue today which included a really nice color calendar. The featured calendar car for January was the nice green Tiger belonging to TE/AE’s John Webber! He is shown at the wheel rounding a corner at speed-a great photo. The publisher of this magazine is Tim Suddard who recently purchased a Tiger to restore and also just joined TE/AE. Hopefully some great Sunbeam articles will soon be gracing the pages of his magazine. Eric

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      One of my workmates mentioned something about this calendar. He round-filed it before I got to see it. 😕
      Perhaps there will be some Sunbeam related articles in the future. There’s a Tiger on the list of project cars listed on the website.

      Something about an Imp on the calendar as well. I hope its a respectable photo. Can anyone comment on that?

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      Nice Imp photo featured for the month of June. It is painted white and is shown on display inside the Cotswolds Motor Museum in the UK. Great looking car! Eric

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