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      Everyone must be busy fixing their Sunbeams as the forum seems less active than before. I am lost in color myself: my project had not all been painted, the leftover paint was obviously further modified when the car was sprayed, and the color is uncharted. A computer reading at Sikkens gave a color with far too much blue in it. My project is not very exciting right now.

      I was wondering where in the serial sequence of Tigers and Alpines did the Chrysler’s star show up?

      My Series V had it, my early Mk Ia does not show evidence of ever having had the holes for it and the project MkI has replacement panels without them either.

      I have two of these stars in my toolbox. Should I make my car attractive to the Mopar crowd?

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      I think that most S5’s had one and later MK1A Tigers did as did all MK II’s. My MK1A is a late 1965 car and never had the Pentastar. As far as the Mopar crowd goes-only rarely will one of them even have a clue of the Rootes/Chrysler connection……What color blue is your car going to be? Med blue? Eric

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      Hi Eric, the car is forest green with blue added in it.

      The PO already owned a TR6 and a Spitfire painted in something very close to Rootes’ 86 green. He could not stand the idea of having three forest green cars once he saw his Sunbeam freshly painted. It was re-prepped and I assume they added blue toner to the green mix until they liked what they saw…

      Unfortunately they left two antenna holes in the RH fender and did not paint any of the ancillaries (eyebrows, metal tonneau, vent grills etc.). There was enough paint leftover to finish it off but it is not the actual as sprayed-on mix with blue in it. This was done in Valspar paint with the nearest dealer 600 miles away.

      Right now I have had two Sikkens colors mixed: a green with too much blue in it that was formulated from a computer reading of my trunk lid and a forest green with no blue in it at all. With help from my wife who has a good eye for color I hope to come up with the right blend this week end.

      Cheers, Gilles

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      In 1966 my 1960 Series I was the worse for wear.Traveling to various Army bases,potholed NYC streets,a cross country jaunt in 1964[which I’ve been swearing to do again] by 1966 had taken a toll.So I traded for a dark green Series 5 which had the Chrysler Pentstar and better yet a 5 year 50,000 mile Chrysler warrenty as well as various upgrades although the moonstone wire wheels[try finding a wire wheel in Seattle]Series 1 was my favorite.Chrysler had taken over Rootes so I believe the Series 5 was the first pentstar.I still have the Series 5 drove it to United 25 which was a great event. frank mooney

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      I promise to write PENTASTAR on the blackboard 500 times. frank mooney

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      Should there be a pentastar on both front guards or just one? The reason is that My Dad’s Tiger Mk1A only has one.

      Thanks, Robin.

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      Hi Robin,

      The star is on the right fender only.

      Cheers, Gilles

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