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      I just posted 2 Youtube videos taken this past weekend at the 1/2 mile races in Chicago. The first video , "Tiger and ZR1 Corvette" shows 2 races. My fastest time of the weekend was during the second race when I did 149.7 mph. The ZR1 did 157mph. In the second video,"Sunbeam Tiger vs ZL1 Camaro" we were never more than 1/2 a fender apart the entire race. I ran all weekend on my street tires 205/50 15 BFG Rivals , so no hard launches .

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      Thanks for posting up the info!
      I’m guessing you were still pulling pretty hard at that 1/2 mile point? How is the new motor working out?

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      The car is still pulling hard , at 150mph I am at 5900rpm in 5th gear. The problem I have at the 1/2 mile races is I have a lot more drag than the newer cars.
      In the video you can see the LAT hood pulling up and the top of the window pulling out.

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      What… the aero on a Tiger is not as good as a new Corvette??

      I was sorta surprised to see that you didn’t have the front "spoiler" on… I guess for short bursts it isn’t really needed?
      Car looks very stable at speed… even if the hood wants to flip open and the windows want to blow out 🙄

      Great Stuff, thanks again for posting!


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      I use the Ford threaded insert which lets you use a short filter directly to the block. The Ford part number is F1AZ-6890-B. You can Google this PN and find a lot of places selling it-even on eBay. The short filters I have are old ones and not available now. Fram PH35 and Purolator FCO 101. A Mann W77 filter fits well and you can still get them. I have a 90 degree adaptor made by Ford and used on the old Econoline vans but heard that those don’t fit with headers. Eric

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