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      After stripping, photos, bag and catalog of parts etc. I want to strengthen all Tiger chassis weak points. I have reviewed Tom Hall’s excellent .pdf’s regarding panhard rod and spring mount reinforcement instructions. The best I can determine is none of these points have pulled away or broken any of the welds, as yet, but want to go ahead and perform.

      My question’s are: are there any other recommended points, I should be attending to?
      Words of advice on the panhard rod and spring mount reinforcement instructions?
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      You need to reinforce the whole crossmember and check it for sag and any cracks in the steering mount tabs that hold the rack! If the crossmember is saging you will noitce that the upper folcrum pin rear nut will be aginst the inner fender. If you need to aline the crossmember you need to talk to Doug Jennings at Tiger Auto. Good Luck

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      Thanks for the information. Are there any pictures or instructions regarding the specific points you mentioned? Are we talking about rewelding the points mentioned? Is there a specific measurement to take to determine if the crossmember should be ‘realigned’?

      I really want to have a good handle on rewelding and alignment points before I order the 2 kits for the panhard and rear shackle mounting points.

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      I have no pictures, and for the measurments you need to talk to Doug J.

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