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      Hi everyone – I am replacing the carpet in my ’66 1a. The kit came with the " prong rings and clinch plate". Can someone please tell me how to get the prong ring to go thru the carpet and insul. pad. It appears way too short . I can barely get it thru the carpet . I was told to use a welders vice grip / but it does not look like anything short of a hydraulic press would work. Please – any suggestions from anyone who has done this – thanks -george

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      What I ended up doing was removing a bit of the padding where the prongs went through to get the bottom piece on.

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      thanks mike – i was thinking the same thing as i could not come up with an alternative – george

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        Out of interest, what is the carpet liek that you are taking out of the car?

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        Michael – It is the originol carpet : not really worn much but discolored and matted, glue coming up in places and really "old " looking – george

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        Michael – I have been having trouble with the log in so i have not got your email address or any thing else sorry – george

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          Thats ok george, no rush.. the PM should still be there with my details. When you get it sorted that will be fine.

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