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      Gene Sokolowski

        Long story short: Bought my tiger in pieces. I have not been able to identify the pieces pictured in the link below. Can you tell me if they are Sunbeam parts and if so where they go. Thanks for your help.

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        I’ve taken apart a lot of Sunbeams and those parts sure don’t look familiar! Eric

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        Mine is currently in pieces too and I don’t recognize these parts. Maybe they’re aftermarket mounts for something??? radio? battery?

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        Gene Sokolowski

          Thanks guys. They look to me like horn mounting brackets or something similar. They may just have been thrown in the box with all the Sunbeam parts by mistake.

          Still looking for advice on the correct dash mounting screws if someone can help.

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          I think I have a couple of dash screws if you need them. If you are looking for the correct size and thread, I’m not sure.

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