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      British Car Week is this week. Have you driven your Sunbeam lately? I drove my Harrington and my wife’s Alpine the last few days-got to get on the road early when it is already around 95 degrees down here. Just to make things truly British I drove my old RHD Mini a little bit too! Anyone else out driving?? Eric

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      Hi Eric !! Just to let you know the BCDS will be at Catawba college this Sunday in Salisbury NC. Have you got the tranny yet?? talk to you soon George Coleman Keep them on the road!! 😀

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      Hi George-will you be at the show with the Sunbeam? I may be there with my Mini this time….The container won’t be here until later this month. Eric

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      I will be there with both cars if I can get someone to drive the alpine, its hard to drive two cars at once , I tried it very hard Ha!! Hope to see you there. Later George

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