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      Before I tear my rear brakes apart and demonstrate my general ineptitude in all things mechanical, let me ask the group: has anyone had the rear brakes (RR to be specific) lock when rolling backwards? At first I thought it was a problem with the parking brake, and it may still be, but I also found when not using the PB at all, when I rolled backwards a few feet the RR brake locked. I monkeyed around with the bits I could easily reach to release it, but honestly have no idea what I did. Is there some detent down there that is worn/broken/out of place? I would appreciate any head start on this repair that the group can suggest. I am driving a 1967 SV. Many thanks, Bill

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      Bill – Hi, two ideas for things you can check. The drum brake is a simple device. When you pull the drum off it will be obvious if something is broken – it could be something odd like the lining coming loose from a brake shoe. The second idea is that the problem may not be in the brakes but inside the differential. There could be be something loose that locks the differential gear on the RR axle shaft when reversing. Does the locking occur when the car is in neutral?

      Gary Corbett

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      Dan Richardson

        Hope you have resolved your rear brake issue by now, But if not, I replaced my SV and other SIV ALpine rear brakes with a Rear DISc Kit I built and now sell. Sure works nicely and stops better too!

        Contact me via e-mail if you wish more info.



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        Bob and Jean Webb

          Two of our series 5 Alpines have the self adjusting rear brakes. They tend to adjust when backing up and you use the brakes. I’ve had to manually back the adjusters off many times over the years.

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