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      What brake pads do people use that would minimize corrosive brake dust? I’ve noticed that the pads I’ve got are pretty dusty, I’m guessing they’re the metallic ones. … SubCatId=1

      I found these options at NAPA.

      Also, does anyone use brake shims?

      I wish I could find some ceramic pads for the Tiger but Bosch doesn’t list them on their website.

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      Bueller? Bueller?

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      The link does not work for me so I cannot see what pads you are looking at. I use Saab pads the cheap version from NAPA about $20 they do not create much dust and are not over hard on rotors, they are metalic. I just ask for pads for a 1984 SAAB 900s. Have found they require a little grinding on the edges to float in some calipers and will clack a bit if you do not run anti rattle shims.

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      Just a note I have found that pads for the mid 70s Capri’s and Datsun 240 and 260 Z work on tigers and alpines. good luck 😀

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      The link actually didn’t work for me, I had to re-enter 1965 Sunbeam Tiger, and it came up with a few choices for pads. Pretty reasonable, metallic pads were $35.99 and the organics $33.49, w/the OEM-listed “Premium” pads at $23.99.

      I wonder if the “Premiums” are metallic…

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