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      Last year, my son and I fixed a broken brakeline with a CAL-VAN double flaring tool.
      Now, I have to make all new brakelines for the Venezia restoration. In the Eastwood catalog i see two sets of tools:
      one&double flares, the other for ISO bubble type flares.
      I thought we had bubble flares on Sunbeams?
      Did I use the wrong flare with my son?
      I found two types of flares on the old Venezia lines?
      What is correct and the correct tool to use?

      Brakes are too important to do it wrong!
      Any words of wisdom out there? Thanks, Robert

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      I am not familiar with the Eastwood tool-I will check out their catalog later. Our cars use double bubble flares and if the Eastwood tool can make those, that is the correct type. The other style flare ends will not seal up correctly to the wheel cylinders, calipers, and master cylinders-I have learned this the hard way over the years. Check out I believe they sell generic brake lines with fittings and the correct ends. You may also try They are closer to you-located in upper NY state. They may also sell the correct brake flaring tool set. Eric

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      The Tiger has both double flares and bubble flares. It depends on what joint you are working on. Larry Paulick has written some information on the subject and his quest to find a tool that does the job correctly. I believe it is posted on the tech tips in Tigers United web site, if it is not on the TE/AE web site. You could also email him directly.

      I have made reasonable bubble flares with a standard double flaring tool. You just need to use some finesse when you press the die in for the second step. I did a couple of pratice bubble flares first. I compared mine to a factory bubble flare to see how I was doing.

      Tom Calvert

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