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      While checking out my lights I noticed my brake lights were dim and with the tail lights on I saw no difference. I switched the double wires in back, no difference, I checked all connections, no difference. The only conclusion I can come up with is the sending unit that has a double wire and a single wire leading to it, I would guess that I have a possible short. I have a series V with out the brake servo, using an older model Alpine master cylinder. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Tony

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      Hi Tony,

      Remove the bulb holder from light housing and short it out to a known good earth point and see if that fixes the problem. In my opinion, you have an earth, but not a good one. Were your tail lights dim also? If the earth and tail lights are OK, change or bypass the brake light switch to test. If it is still dim, try running a wire from the brake switch to the light to prove your wiring is OK. Is the globe holder OK?

      Good luck with your fault finding,

      Regards, Robin.

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