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      Got a nice holiday present from my son, Mike ( He sent me a pair of trunk lid struts and the parts to mount them. For years I’ve been without the springs, using an aluminum prop to keep the lid open. These work so slick, I feel stupid not doing something like this before.

      You can see the basic parts at his website and click on the Sunbeam Project tab.

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      Looks great and nice installation
      I have been using a gas strut for the hood since forever. So far the trunk still has the original lifts or stays.I did shorten the springs a bit on them
      My matching fiber glass trailer will now have the struts installed.As the lid is so light I had to find struts that were nor too strong.I found some at cabello’s of all places and are rated at 20 pounds.

      May all our roads be smooth for 2010

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      Those look great. I did something like this about eight years ago when one of the welds holding the original spring pivots in place let go. However, the single gas strut I used had a LOT of pressure and I had to make an offset bracket to reduce the mechanical advantage it had on the trunk, otherwise you’d pretty much kink the lid trying to close it. Mike must have found some good struts that have more moderate lifting force.

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      A friend of mine installed a set of these gas struts on to his Alpine and they look and work very well. The other advantage in using the gas struts is that if you have problems with the boot lid releasing due to body flex, they keep the boot lid down as well. I am definitely considering a set 🙂 .

      Regards, Robin.

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      You can get various pressure gas shocks from McMaster Carr in Chicago check out their on line catalog for gas springs we’ve been using them for years.

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