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      Can you tell me if a hardtop from 66 alpine fits a 64 SIV series Alpine? I thought the bodies as far as size goes was the same just the wings or lack of as mine has no real wings. Thanks

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      The hard top from a Series V will fit a series IV, but not the earlier series cars. Wings came in with the series IV. I think the only differences in the shape of panels between IV and V were the rounded corners of the trunk, doors and hood. Footwell cold air vents were also added on the V.

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      The factory steel hardtop will also fit all S3 Sunbeam Alpines as well as the S4+S5’s but will NOT fit the S1 or S2 Alpines. Eric (who once bought a S2 hardtop sight unseen and had it shipped to him after being told it would fit his 1965 Tiger…..ahh to be young and blissfully ignorant again!)

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      Oh no…what a shock. That is why I ask sometimes what may seem to be foolish questions. BUT as someone who doesn’t know the answers…I find it is best to ask dumb questions that get got in some situation like that. Thanks.

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