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      Roger Sternfeld

        The instructions for my Deltran Battery Tender says that the connection for the negative (ground) should be attached to the chassis; not to thin metal. I don’t see where I can do this in the trunk area. Can I clip it to the jack that is attached to the trunk floor? Thanks.

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        Clipped to the jack still ends up going through sheet metal. I personally have not had a problem over the years with both the Alpine and Tiger grounding to the sheet of the battery box and rear trunk bulkhead. I will say though that I welded a nut to the axle side of the trunk bulkhead to provide a bit better contact area and prevent the possibility of it pulling loose. And even with a heavy duty battery no problems have been seen

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        For about 30 yrs. I have used Battery Tenders on motorcycles, Tiger, lawn tractor, etc. If the battery is out, I connect the charger clips to the battery terminals. if the battery is out of the vehicle what choice do you have? I have 3 hooked up back VT (while I’m in Florida) and they’re all connected to the battery terminals. The batteries are currently in all 3 vehicles and connected as mentioned. Mark

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        Roger Sternfeld

          Thanks for the input. My battery is in the car with the battery cables attached. So can I leave them on with the Tenders clipped to the posts or disconnect the battery’s cables & have just the clips attached to the posts?

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          As I said, I justs clip them on to the battery terminals. I don’t disconnect the battery from the car, but guess you could. I’ve done this every winter for many yrs. and my batteries for the Tiger have lasted at least 10 yrs. each. If you buy a new battery at a shop they are charged with the charged attached directly to the battery. Mark L

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          I connect tothe battery terminals.Never had a problem in 20 or so years

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