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      Inspected a Mk1 Tiger last week sitting for 25 years on a dirt floor enclosed farm building. Repainted green over original blue, blue interior, flat tires, engine most likely frozen but not sure, some tiny bumps in the rocker panel paint, looks to be complete, floors look solid with no title. Also thereis a Series V with hardtop same condition The Tiger would need complete restoration. Is this worth pursuing and what would be a decent price

      Jack Bacon

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      Wouldn’t happen to be in Bloomington, Illinois? That’s the last place my first blue Tiger B9470255 was recorded by BON in 1991.
      Hard to establish value without pics, but unless you do it yourself, restoration costs add up pretty fast on a car in that condition.

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      Thanks Tom! I lost the contact’s phone number but a restoration is too much gor my budget


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      Is this Tiger available?

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      This Tiger was sold for $20,000 and needed a full restoration

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      Thank you.

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