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      I’m pleased to report that another Tiger has joined the ranks of the roadworthy. After a ‘3-year’ restoration project that stretched to 10 years, I finally have the beast together, running, and bringing joy to those fortunate enough to get a ride. Will hopefully have the soft top installed by this weekend and then will it not only be road-worthy but weather-worthy, too. Still have a long list of little things that will need attention but I anticipate that will always be the case.

      If the distance between northern Minnesota and Daytona Beach weren’t so great, I would gladly drive it to the United. At this point, I’m planning to bring it to some shows in and around Minnesota and consider it a successful summer season. I do hope to attend this years United– the last one I attended was in ’96 in Orlando– but will have to be satisfied with bringing pictures.

      Will post some photos on this website when I can manage to get the digital camera away from my teenage son.


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