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      After messing with a non-club member’s Tiger for about a year, I took it on it’s maiden voyage yesterday. It only went about 200 yards but this was the first time it has moved under it’s own power in 26 years. It is still a long way from being ready for prime time but at least he can now drive it in and out of the garage instead of pushing. He is a happy camper. This is a car that he bought 26 years ago, drove it about 50 miles and then took it apart. Over the past year, he has suffered a bit from sticker shock at what it has cost thus far to bring it back from the dead but I think he now feels like it was worth the investment. He keeps saying he is going to join the club. Time will tell.

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      Way to go Bud! Maybe you can both come up to Columbia this May 21st for our Sunbeam SOS and British car show? We are hoping to get 40 Sunbeams here at the show where Sunbeam is the featured marque this year. More info is at this site:
      Hope to see you and your friend there. Eric

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