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      Hi Folks!
      I’m currently getting my ducks in a row to start mocking up the T5to my engine (before installing).I’m using a lakewood bellhousing which has the 4 hole pattern so that should’t be a problem. I’m not tilting the trasmission so the shifter will be in the middle (I’ve got long arms anyway).It’s an AMC tailpiece and I’m trying to fiqure out how to convert the AMC speedometer cable to the stock speedometer.Has anyone out there done this? Please HELP!
      Thanks Guys!

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      does your t5 have elect or mech speedo?? you might check on some the modified alpine forum saoc jose did a post in the past reguarding converting the elect drive to a mech. it was done by swedging a gear on to your speedo cable that matches the internal drive gear of the t5 im sure if you pm him he can walk you thru the process.. good luck earl blu oval

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      Hi Earl!
      Thanks for the response. My tailpiece has the mech drive. The salvage yard that shipped the tranny to me cut the speedo cable off about 4" from the unit, The problem is I don’t know what the speedometer end looks like. I might go to NAPA and order the AMC cable and if it doesn’t work,I’ll take it back. Someone out there knows the answer. Please
      Bill (0069)

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      bill check your pm.. earl

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      Hi Bill
      Do you not have a shop that does all this speedo and cable work in your area.If so just take the cable end with the gear and your speedo.Make sure you have the length measured.They should be able to make up what you need.
      Here I can drop it off in the early AM and its usually ready late afternoon.
      Have fun and enjoy the journey

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      hi bill check with fortas parts 508 875 0016 they should have everything you need from cables that should mount to the trans, right angle units, so you dont bind the cable even adaptors tthat convert elect speedos to mech.. there are dif ways to what you want talk to steve he helped me out .. good luck earl blu oval

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      Hi Guys!
      Thanks for the great response! 😀 I’ll start tommorrow on the hunt.
      Thank you my friends,
      Bill (0069)

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        Are you using the AMC tailhousing on a Ford style T-5 ?? If so there are a few mods to do… the Ford spline yoke will not fit properly without removing the AMC bushing, installing a custom sleeve and then a ford bushing… Also the speedo drive gear will have to be relocated on the output shaft to line up with the AMC speedo housing. The T5 drive gear will not mesh properly… I used a drive gear from a 700R4 and epoxied a shim under it . I couldn’t get the right ratio so I have a right angle ratio adapter to sort it out. To make a speedo cable, I cut about 2 feet off of the stock Tiger cable ( trans end) and grafted on a new end . I installed this to a lakewood with a CPC adapter. It actually rotates the trans about 5-6 degrees to the left … I also bought a custom Hurst shifter with a handle that offsets 1" back and left… perfect!!
        I have details and pics of all this at home but am on holiday until Mar. 1
        E-mail me @ and I can send some more detail and pics…


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