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      I ran the East Coast Timing Assn. mile race held 28-29 Apr at Wilmington Ohio . Spent The last 8 weeks getting the Tiger legal which took about 100 hours of work. I also made an airdam because I knew from running open track events that there was alot of front end lift above 135mph.
      There were 175 entries for the race and the registration and tech on Fri took 6 hours. On Sat. I arrived at the track at 6:15 am and was about 25 cars from the start line. After the drivers meeting the racing started at 10am. I was required to do my qualifying run at 125 mph. which was only 4 mph faster than I run in the 1/4 mile. After a 3 hr. rain delay I was ready for my first 150mph run. The Tiger with a hardtop is still considered an open car so even with a 6 pt. rollbar I was limited to 150mph plus a 5mph buffer. I had calculated that 150 mph. was 5400 rpm in 5th gear. I left the line in 2nd gear and short shifted at 5800 rpm. Crossing the 1/2 mile mark I was at 5100 rpm in 5th gear. I went to 5400rpm. and let off the gas to maintain my speed. After the 1/2 mile I was looking outside , the tail of the car was getting light and was moving around a little. Just past the 3/4 mile marker I looked down and saw 5700 rpm. I let off the gas and coasted across the finish line. I picked up my time slip knowing I was probably a little fast but was surprised to see a speed of 162.6 mph.
      My pit crew and I finally found my speed (too much) problem was because my .80 overdrive was really a .75 overdrive. Ran again on Sun. and kept the rpm to 5100 with a final speed of 150mph which made the race officials happy.
      A big thanks to my Cincinnati Tiger friends Dave Tiettmeyer and Brady Pack and my crew chief and biggest helper and supporter for the last 30+ years Doug Jennings.
      For now a Sunbeam Tiger holds the class record in C/GSS.

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      Picture of the Tiger at the track and the record certification sheet.

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      Thanks for sharing the photos and the story of your Tiger! Congratulations-not too many have ever gone that fast in a Tiger (or anything else…).
      Will you be at the United so we can look over your car? Eric

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      impressed beyond words! The air dam looks perfect. How did you keep Doug from making a few test runs? Or maybe he did get in a few on the sly?!

      I hope we get to hear all about the motor and prep work to make it legal in a forthcoming Rootes Review. Hint, hint…



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      I don’t know yet about this year’s United. After our adventure home from the last United(see Rootes Review Oct 2011 page 7) , my wife said I need a trailer.
      The aluminum work on the air dam was done by Cincinnati Tiger owner (2 Tigers) Brady Pack. Brady has made a full size Cobra Daytona Coupe body in aluminum.The air dam only took him about 90 min.
      No high speed events for Doug , but we are going to an AutoX this Sun.

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      Some questions –

      Did you have any issue with the rear window of the hard top wanting to blow out?

      Did you do anything special with the hood?

      What tranny are you running and rear end gear?

      Size of wheels and tires?

      Wipers on or off?

      Very impressive, I LIKE!

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      Let me add my congratulations along with the others! A beautiful fast car for sure. Please don’t bring it to the salt flats though. Rust happens there; ask me how I know, lol… It has been a while since I messed with ECTA so let me ask why they limited you to your 150 speed. I am guessing that the safety gear is similar to that used by the USFRA in their 150 mph club at World of Speed. That’s just a guess though. Nice run at 162 also. Any plans on going faster, say at the Tex Mile in Goliad, Tx?

      What engine combo are you running? HP? Tq?

      I am putting together a 260 for this years efforts on the salt if I can get it done in time. Pistons were delayed 6 weeks, bummer. Shooting for over 200 with a 260! No turbo either… normally aspirated.

      Again, congratulations on a fine effort with an ECTA record!

      Larry Mayfield
      worlds fastest Sunbeam. period.
      204.913 moph flying mile average
      210.779 mph top exit speed

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      The rear window was taped,I learned from running at the track that it would pop out at 135-140mph.
      The Lat hood had locks , I replaced them with pins for the race.
      The transmission is a T5 with a G Force gear set and upgraded main shaft. The overdrive is .75
      The rear tires were BFG 225/50 15 DRs.
      I had to leave the wipers on , the class I was running – Super Street – required the car to be street legal with proof of insurance. There was no doubt my Tiger was a street car since I drove round trip 90 miles all three days to the event.

      You are correct, I was speed limited due to safety equipment. To go to the next speed break – 175mph , I would need a full roll cage and a fire system. I would also need a wing to go faster , the back end became light above 150mph.
      The motor makes 410rwhp and 380 rwtq.

      The green Tiger is now retired from land speed racing. I’ll use it for AutoX and the drag strip. I do have another Tiger I’m building as a track car which I can make legal for 175mph in LSR. The plan is to have that Tiger ready by next year.

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        quote Hugh Guynes:

        Picture of the Tiger at the track and the record certification sheet.

        Same experience, different generation: Circa 1968, some un-named State troopers and I ran the little beast (B382000078) thru a VASCAR timed mile (twice) at 2:00 AM on the Maine State turnpike outside Bangor. Rag top only, the car nestled down hard at speed and did not get lite in the butt. It did seem to run flat into an air wall and both runs maxed out at 168.3. The 5-bolt 289 was tuned to 7800 but just couldn’t seem to get there. Won’t ever do that again, thx.

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        Have run my tiger on Daytona Sebring and Homestead In the last year running 140 to 165 top speed. My Fastback top helps hugs the track, Loved the air dam as I am needing to fabricate one soon for running speeds on Daytona(slides up wall over 150mph.)

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