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      I fail to understand the logic behind bidding upwards of $96.00 for a poster that is still available from Amtrak for $5.00 … 230e25bae8

      In that case the 37 posters I bought about a year ago should allow my wife to retire (well, almost).

      Fred Baum

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      Must be that shipping charge from Staples?? 🙄

      Wow, I guess I should sell mine for the big bucks and order a couple more new ones :mrgreen:


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      I guess who ever bought it feels like a dummy now! :mrgreen:

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      Well, there are another couple dummies or maybe one dummy, since two posters went off yesterday for $66.00 each. At least these were one each of Orlando to D.C. and D.C. to Orlando. The previous one was only one way.


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