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      This Exhibit features 60s and 70s "Muscle" and will include ground-pounding examples of such nameplates such as "442", "Shelby", "SS", and "Boss" along with the Hudson Hornet and a Buick GNX
      Check the Museum’s website for more details at “American Muscle” Car Show | Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum
      The Exhibit will run from June 30 thru July 15, 2012.
      Of course, attending this special exhibit also allows access to rest of Dr. Simeone’s incredible collection which includes the Daytona Coupe and the two GT40s.

      Hope to see you there.

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      Here are a couple of "teaser" pix… what a bunch of gorgeous cars: GTO, AAR, Boss 429, SS, Yenko, COPO, GNX, 442, Superbird, etc.

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