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      Hi john,
      I saw on a prev post that you were doing an alt install and you were looking for a bracket. Did you find an aftermarket bracket? If so what bracket did you use and what alt did you use? I have been able to locate and purch a mk11 cast reproduction alt bracket and have a jeggs 100 amp 1 wire alt . am not real thrilled with the looks of the bracket and would love to go with a more contemorary look like the march.. any sug would be apreciated thanks earl

      Hi Earl,

      I think you may have the wrong John. I installed a Small 50 Amp Nipindenso alternator about ten years ago and made my own aluminum bracket with the following features.

      > It has a closed box section from the engine to the alternator. Other brackets I’ve seen are just flexible open sections.

      > It places the alternator as close to the engine as possible to reduce shaking loads and provide more room to the inner fender panel.

      These features improve the overall stiffness of the bracket by at least 10 times. A stiff bracket eliminates the possibility of the alternator going into a natural frequency at higher engine speeds and improves belt alignment.
      The down side is, it requires someone who is proficient in metal working and aluminum welding.

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      Regarding high output alternator installations: Here’s a quick reference for what size of wire you should consider in any ‘upgrade’ to your wiring harness.
      It is also essential to protect your wiring by using a fusible link or high-power fuse at the alternator terminal. That way, if you ever get a short or other electrical fault, it will melt the fusible link or blow the fuse and prevent the entire harness from overheating.

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      I have been working on a mini-alternator mount for my Tiger, not to hard to make with a bit of aluminum and some parts from moroso. You likely could just use the Moroso part with a little work, but it was a little flimsy so I made some changes. It also tucks all in front of the head out of the way. follow the cars link to the Tiger pages and you will eventually find it (Work in progress).


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