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      Tom Voltaggio

        My battery on my Alpine series IV finally died after 12 years. It is a Prostart Premium Part # 27-725. It measures 12"x7"x8" deep. Any idea of a modern replacement battery that will fit?

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        You should be able to take it into most auto parts places and get one the same size. Onr thing to keep in mind is you’ll want one where when it’s in the battery box it’ll have the terminals towards the front of the car, since the box is a litte taller towards the front. So the terminal for the ground will be towards the outside, positive if you’re still positive ground, negative if you’re not

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        Batteries are grouped by a Group Number. Rootes used two different groups… a small Group 24 battery and a larger Group 27 battery. You can use the more common Group 24 battery in your Alpine, it just won’t start as well in very cold weather. In addition there are two versions of each Group battery… the regular kind and the "Ford" kind with reversed terminals. Check the orientation of the terminals on your battery. Usually on positive ground cars the type of battery required is a Ford type… either a Group 24-F or a Group 27-F.

        Hope this isn’t way too late.


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